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FLEECE TESTING - Australian Alpaca Fleece Testing (AAFT)

FLEECE TESTING - Australian Alpaca Fleece Testing (AAFT)

AAFT provides a specialised and independent fibre testing service dedicated to the specific needs of Australian and overseas Alpaca Breeders.

Simply cut a lock from the mid-side of your alpaca, place in a paper bag labelled with the alpaca's name, colour, pedigree number and send off to the team at AAFT - they will email/fax/post you a report giving you individual/herd information on each sample that will enable you to make your breeding and fleece sales decisions.

Contact AAFT:
- Paul Vallely
- Po Box 246, Crookwell NSW 2583
- Phone: (02) 4834 2132
- Fax: (02) 4834 2132
- Mobile: 0409 550 305
- Email:
- Web:

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