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MAGAZINE - Alpacas Australia Summer Edition, Issue No: 59

Price: $11.00

MAGAZINE - Alpacas Australia Summer Edition, Issue No: 59 only $11.00

Alpacas Australia is the industry magazine produced by the Australian Alpaca Association (AAA).

This is the VERY BEST magazine produced by the AAA to date - a true triumph in information. Invaluable to new comers to the industry - therefore our farm has obtained 10 copies for those interested in owning / breeding alpacas.

This magazine is so good - it is like reading a novel, you just can't put it down!

Below are the contents of this issue of the magazine.

Fleece Industry
18 International Fibre Arts Competition
20 Bellissimo Surissimo
22 Fleece: The Ambassador for our Industry
26 Velieris comes from the Latin word for Fleece
28 Insights from a Cutting Edge Merino Breeder
30 A 'Superb Stunning Suri Creation' ©
34 Skirting Suri - a Textile Process
36 Why Breed for Ultrafine Alpaca? Consider the Vicuña
46 Why use a Fibre Testing Laboratory for Alpacas?
50 KUNA by ALPACA 111
51 Australian Alpaca Connection's Latest News
56 Alpaca Ultimate: A Brief Update
73 A Most Valuable Asset

Research and Development
14 Advancing Artificial Insemination in Alpacas
58 AGE Trait Leader List Now Published Animal Health and Welfare
38 Black Saturday
39 Sophie's 'Twins'

Showing and Judging
4 16th AAA Ltd. National Show and Sale
16 2nd International Fleece Show
52 2009 Royal Shows

48 Breeders go Digital with

24 The Highcroft Teeth Trimmer
32 LaViandé - a Current and Future Market
42 Giving Back
57 Chilean Vets visit Australian Alpaca Breeders
60 Maximising your Return from Alpacas...Value Adding
66 Alpaca Visions in Early Australia
69 Bob Richardson Awarded Honorary Life Membership

Breeder Profile
70 Pioneers Retire: Allan and Carolyn Jinks

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