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OINTMENTS - NuStock only $35.00

Pierce's All Purpose Nu-Stock has been tested and used for over thirty years.

It has proven to be effective for fast relief of red mange on dogs, demodex and saracoptic mange, hotspots, screw worm, and ring worm.

Nu-Stock eliminates certain types of growths on animals and is effective for ear mites.

Use for cuts, bruises, burns, swelling, soreness, loss of hair, tender hooves, and much more. Treatment every three days eliminates soreness, promotes rapid healing and promotes fastest hair growth. Nu-Stock has been shown to be effective on pasture fungus, rain rot, proud flesh on horses, gnat bites, as well as a treatment for non-specific dermatoses and hair loss.

In Cattle Nu-Stock can be used after dehorning and castrating for rapid healing. In Dogs it can be used for many skin related ailments.

Application every three days promotes rapid healing of red mange, screw worm and ring worm.

12 oz. Tubes

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