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BOOK - Alpaca Addiction

Price: $35.00

BOOK - Alpaca Addiction only $35.00

This book takes the reader on a journey of holistic care, detailing natural and compassionate care options for your Alpacas. It provides a great balance between interesting anecdotes and practical advice. The author, Lake George NSW breeder Joy Allenby-Acuna says of the book 'It focuses on holistic care which may not suit every Custodian, however I believe nearly all breeders will glean something useful or interesting from the book.

The book has chapters on topics such as;
* Holistic care and cures
* Characters and Traits
* Showing, shearing and fleece
* Farm layout and fencing
* Buying and selling
* Husbandry, Haltering & Water
* Birthing and mating
* Poisonous plants

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