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FLEECE - Skirting/Cleaning Table

Price: $650.00

FLEECE - Skirting/Cleaning Table only $650.00

This table is designed to assist you in the preparation of your fleeces for showing, sale, cleaning ahead of spinning or having made into alpaca products and for drying washed fleeces.

The table is made from galvanised steel with a galvanised mesh top; has collapsable legs and is light weight and easily moved and stored. Height 950mm, Size 2000 x 1200mm. The surface has enough bounce to assist in getting the shearers second cuts, small veg matter and all the dirt out quickly and easily.

With the expense of attending shows in mind, along with the time you are away from farm - showing fleeces is becoming a really good option for a lot of breeders. This table is exactly what you need to get them cleaned and prepped for showing

Ideal for removing dirt, vegetable matter and for skirting.

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