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Price: $350.00

RESTRAINT SYSTEM - Pro-Tie only $350.00

PRO-TIE© is very easy to use. After assembly locate a comfortable work place. After you lay the PRO-TIE© on the ground, spread your mat over the pipe, lay your alpaca down, put each foot into the soft loops and draw tight.

At the end of the day the PRO-TIE© may be left fully assembled and put to use the next time it is needed. However, the ease with which it comes apart makes it simple to disassemble for easy storage. Also, when knocked down it lends itself to convenient carrying in the back of a vehicle. Weighing in at 12.5kg the PRO-TIE© is easily carried about the farm and lets you go to the animal in a distant paddock for vet care, nail trimming, teeth grinding, shearing, etc.

Mat not included in price

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