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KIT: BIOSECURITY - Essential for Breeders

Price: $200.00

KIT: BIOSECURITY - Essential for Breeders only $200.00

This is a kit that every breeder needs, but never wants to use!

This kit is designed to be used in the event of a biological hazard - infection disease, illness, etc. The whole contents of the kit are designed to be disposable and one use only.

- 4 x Safeguard Coveralls (large)
- 8 x Shoe Covers
- 4 x Face Mask (with ear loop)
- 4 x Face Shield (full face)
- 8 x Rubber Gloves
- Box of wipes
- Betadine Concentrate (to be used as foot bath solution)
- Microshield (Chlorhexidine Surgical Handwash)
- Antibacterial Hand Gel
- Large Bin Liners
- Collapsable Bin
- Industrial Tape
- Plastic Tub (to house products and be used as foot bath)

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