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DVD - Healthy Herd Management for Alpacas & Llamas

Price: $80.00

DVD - Healthy Herd Management for Alpacas & Llamas only $80.00

This DVD was made for the animals and the people that love them. Produced by a licensed massage therapist and a certified animal therapist.

This DVD explains how to use herbs, essences, homeopathy, essential oils, magnets and more. It does not diagnose but uses products that compliment the veterinarian's care. If you are concerned about the overuse of medical marvels, this holistic approach to herd management is for you.

Includes - How To Video Footage:


"Health begins by learning how to take the daily and monthly actions that will prevent most diseases and knowing how to recognise and treat common problems. This DVD is an incredible tool for every alpaca and llama owner, to clearly see and hear how to maintain your herd. Follow their guidelines and you too can have great health, fibre and longevity in your herd." Dr Christina Chambreau D.V.M author of Healthy Animal's Journal & A Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory.

"Being a Natural Health Practitioner for over 30 years and finding someone like Candace with the passion and love that she and I share for people and animals has been absolutely wonderful. The purchase of this DVD will be your first step in happy and healthy alpacas and llamas the way nature intended it to be." Alicia Rocco N.H.P, author of CD Deep Dark Secrets Behind Every Dis-ease.

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