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Price: $300.00

UNDERLAY - King Bed only $300.00

These Alpaca Underlays are made from alpaca fibre grown on our farm in Central Queensland, Rockhampton.

Alpaca Underlays are lightweight and suitable for all seasons and are made as a full batt, so the fibre can't shift - it is then sewn into the outer binding. Alpaca Fibre will absorb only around 7% moisture. This means that Alpaca Underlays will not attract moisture even when kept in a damp room.

Alpaca Fibre has one of the highest thermal ratings. Alpaca's fleece has a Thermal Rating tested at 90 plus @ 380 gm I square metre - sheep wool is around 80.

Alpaca Underlays are 80% Alpaca Fleece and 20% Wool. Covering Material 100% cotton.

King Underlay Measurement is 182cmx203cm with an Approx Finished weight of 1.6kg.

Washing instructions: Dry Clean Only

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