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ALPACA MANURE - Great fertiliser for the garden

ALPACA MANURE - Great fertiliser for the garden

Did you know alpacas make their own ‘poo piles’? They are not like other livestock who just deposit anywhere. This makes for easy clean up of paddocks and collection of the product for fertiliser use.

Alpaca poo is great for the garden. Alpacas are nature’s composters as they have an efficient digestive system which does not give seeds the opportunity to germinate. Alpaca poo does not have to be aged or cured as it does not ‘burn’ the plants it comes in contact with.

Alpaca poo is lower in organic matter than manure from most other livestock, but still has enough to improve soil texture and water-holding capacity. This lower organic content allows Alpaca poo to be spread directly onto gardens, trees, roses, vegetables, grass without burning them and is low in phosphorus it is great for native gardens too. It is the decomposition of organic matter content of the manure that indicates their efficient digestion system.

The Nitrogen and Potassium content of Alpaca poo is comparatively high, which is an indication of good fertiliser value. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) are major plant nutrients (NPK), as you will find it translated on most fetiliser bags. The N:P:K ratio in Alpaca poo is N1.5: P0.2: K1.1, with Phosphorus relatively low as in most livestock manure. However, the Calcium and Magnesium content is about average.

For seedlings, you can mix the poo directly into the soil and leave for a week or make an Alpaca poo tea to pour directly on seedling after planting. Mix 1/3 cup alpaca pellets with 2/3 cup of water, and let it sit from 3 hours to overnight before applying.

Alpaca poo has no smell, is relatively dry and is great for roses, vegetables, fruit trees and any type of tree, plant or flower. Practicing good conditioning of soil will promote plant health and reduce disease and pest problems.

Small bags - Approx 20kg $5
Large bags - Approx 40kg $8
Box Trailer - 6x4 $30
Larger Trailers - 7x5 upward $50+
Cubic Metre - $30 per metre

Must call to book time to collect fertiliser - all trailers loaded with bobcat.

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