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Halle's Cria
COVERING SIRE - Aviana Farms RingLeader

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HUACAYA - Manadalay Halle + Female Cria at Foot (4-in-1 Package)

Solid Dark Fawn
ILR NWA Luminosa DF Huacaya
Mandalay Lima Lady SLF Huacaya
Mated to
Aviana Farms Ringleader Roan Huacaya
Due date

Halle is a dark fawn huacaya and an experienced breeding female, sold here with her female solid medium brown cria, weaned (Lexie - DOB 02/10/15). 

Halle comes from a fantastic line - including Peruvian Hemingway, ILR NWA Luminosia, Peruvian Bueno, NWA LTD Don Juan.  And she sure can produce the goods with her progeny. Halle is a sturdy framed girl and is not people friendly, but easy enough to handle once you have hold of her. Of course with handling that could change.

Halle has just been joined on this occasion to roan stud Aviana Farms RingLeader and we are excited to see what this pair can produce together being joined for the first time.

Halle recently gave birth to soft solid medium brown female cria by dark fawn sire. The cria has a fine fleece which is very bright. The two are offered as a 4-in-1 package, which means that mum comes confirmed pregnant and daughter has a free mating when of age at around 18mths. 


  • 2017: 14TH FLEECE MIC: 282., SD: 5.4, CF: 69.5%
  • 2016: 13TH FLEECE MIC: 27.4, SD: 5.7, CF: 73.3%
  • 2015: 13TH FLEECE MIC: 27.4, SD: 5.7, CF: 73.6%
  • 2014: 12TH FLEECE MIC: 29.3, SD: 6.0, CF: 61.8%
  • 2013: 11TH FLEECE MIC: 26.3, SD: 3.9, CF: 79.4%
  • 2012: 10TH FLEECE MIC: 25.5, SD: 5.1, F: 83.7%
  • 2011: 9TH FLEECE MIC: 29.7, SD: 5.5, CF: 58.8%
  • 2010: 8TH FLEECE MIC: 29.0, SD: 3.9, CF: 63.3%
  • 2009: 7TH FLEECE MIC: 25.5, SD: 5.2, CF: 83.8%
  • 2008: 6TH FLEECE MIC: 24.2, SD: 5.1, CF: 88.5%
  • 2003-07: Stats not kept by previous owner

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