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Stud Sire

Azeem's - Progeny Show Quality RG Suri Female from SDB Dam

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SURI - Aviana Farms Azeem (Heterozygous)

Medium Grey
Cambridge Cirello MG Suri
Aviana Farms Leilani SB Suri

Azeem has an exclusive pedigree that includes Cambridge Cirello MG, Waltzing Matilda Silesqua SB and Aviana Farms Durango B which equates to an all grey/black background. He is a medium grey F2 Suri (sires on both sides of his pedigree are heterozygous).

Azeem started work in late 2008. His first progeny hit the ground in September 2009 - an incredible show quality MG suri male from SDB dam who took out Supreme Grey Suri at Queensland's Colourbration Show April 2010. Azeem has followed up with many more cria, many colours, with him passing on his incredable fleece stats, finenes, lock structure, coverage, density. Nearly all of his progeny have gone through the showring!

Azeem’s fleece has an incredibly soft handle, is super fine, extremely lustrous, a very even colour with only one small black spot and is extremely well locked even on his fifth fleece, which is extra-ordinary for a grey.

His fleece stats are:

  • 2017 12th Fleece: 25.8u, SD 6.0, CF 80.1%
  • 2016 11th Fleece: 26.9u, SD 6.2, CF 75.0%
  • 2015 10th Fleece: 25.7u, SD 5.9, CF 80.1%
  • 2014 9th Fleece: 24.3u, SD 5.5, CF 96.3%
  • 2013 8th Fleece: 21.9u, SD 5.3, CF 92.0%
  • 2012 7th Fleece: 20.3µ, SD 5.1, CF 94.8%
  • 2011 6th Fleece: 22.8µ, SD 5.5, CF 89.7%
  • 2010 5th Fleece: 20.3µ, SD 4.8, CF 95.8%
  • 2009 4th Fleece: 20.7µ, SD 4.9, CF 94.5%
  • 2008 3rd Fleece: 19.4µ, SD 4.5, CF 96.9%
  • 2007 2nd Fleece: 19.1µ, SD 4.5
  • 2006 1st Fleece: 18.8µ, SD 4.5

His black Suri dam Aviana Farms Leilani was undefeated in every show she was entered including the Royal Melbourne and National Shows taking home 9 x 1st Place Ribbons, 1 x Reserve Champion Ribbon and 2 x Champion Ribbons during her show career.

His sire is the stunning imported Peruvian medium grey Suri Cambridge Cirello, who is approaching 100 progeny on the ground. His first fleece stats were: Mic 17.9, SD 4.5, CV 25.1, which is also very impressive for a grey. 

Azeem himself was not shown by his breeder and as it is our policy not to show working stud males we will only show his fleece and his progeny in the future.

Azeem's Show Results are as follows to date:

  • Aug16: National Show Adelaide, 2nd Fleece Grey 30mths+
  • Sep15: National Show Sydney, 2nd Fleece Grey 30mths+
  • May15: Alpacas on Show Caboolture Qld - 1st Fleece 30mths+ Grey
  • Apr15: The Caves Show - 2nd Sires Progeny Suri 
  • Jul14: Qld Colourbration Show - 1st Fleece 30mths+ Grey
  • Apr14: The Caves Show, 1st Sires Progeny - Hersilla Finnian MG & Pfeiffer Park Ivy SB
  • Oct13: National Show Bendigo Vic, 2nd Suri Fleece Grey 30mths+
  • Sep13: International Fleece Show NZ, 1st 60mths+ Suri Grey & Reserve Champion Mature Male
  • Oct12: National Show Adelaide, 1st Suri Fleece Grey/Roan 30mths+
  • Aug12: Royal Brisbane Show, 2nd Suri Fleece Grey/Roan 30mths+
  • Mar12: Royal Toowoomba Show, 1st Suri Fleece Grey/Roan 30mths+
  • Oct11: National Show, 2nd Suri Fleece Grey 30mths+


  • $990 Suris (on farm only, includes 8 weeks agistment and confirmation of pregnancy by vet ultrasound).
  • 10% Multiple Mating Discount on 3 or more matings paid for at the same time, for females not purchased through our farm.
  • Ongoing discounts for breeding females purchased through our farm. $900 (1 mating), $800 (2), $700 (3 or more) paid for at the same time. Mobile and Drive-By reductions still apply.
  • Mobile matings available with a further reduction of $100, with the costs of mating and spit-off visits and vet ultrasound the responsibility of the owner of dam.
  • Drive-by matings available with a further reduction of $100. Includes up to 3 visits to farm for matings, spitoffs and ultrasound at the cost of owner. Bring your female to our farm for mating and take her away following same. Can take up to 3 visits to gain a successful mating.

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