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Stud Sire

Moody in full fleece
Moody Shorn
Moody Roan Progeny
Moody Roan Progeny
Moody Roan Progeny
Moody Grey Progeny

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HUACAYA - Arcady Moody Blue

Arcady VooDoo LG
Arcady Myriad Roan

Moody is a rare and unusually soft roan (black with with fibres evenly dispursed throughout the fleece)  stud male who has spent his early years in Victoria.  He is proudly brought to you by his new owners Nermibera Alpacas and has joined our suite of stud males standing at Pfeiffer Park Alpacas all year round for on farm, drive-by and mobile matings.

Moody is a very macho male with a quiet and gentle personality who is putting a stunning array of grey and roan progeny on the ground and in the showring with micron and SD to impress. He has an exciting lineage which includes animals not common to Queensland, coming from a roan dam and light grey sire. His pedigree includes impressive genetics such as Peruvian Sonoma W, Merungle Hot Chili RG, Jolimont Silver2 LG, Shanbrooke Elite SW, Hope Downs El Gordo LG, Windsong Valley Ice Lord SW.

His progeny fleeces are characteristically under 20micron and under 4.5 standard deviation in the first year and holding low as they age.

Moody is certainly still carrying stunning fleece traits ... a very even colour, with a high frequency crimp style, extremely dense, bright and soft with character evident across the length and bredth of his saddle, into his bonnet, low into his stomach and down to his tail! 


Moody's Show Results are as follows to date:

  • May15: Queensland Colourbration Show, 2nd Mature Huacaya Male - Roan
  • Apr15: The Caves Show Qld, 3rd Mature Huacaya Male - Grey/Roan
  • Aug08: Colour Classic Show SA, 2nd Huacaya Adult Grey/Roan Male
  • Mar08: Mt Pleasant Show SA, 3rd Huacaya Adult Grey/Roan Male
  • Oct07: Clare Show SA, 3rd Huacaya Int Grey/Roan Male
  • Mar07: Mt Pleasant Show SA, 1st Huacaya Jun Grey/Roan Male



  • 2017: 10th Fleece MIC: 29.1, SD: 5.5, CF: 63.7%
  • 2016: 9th Fleece MIC: 28.0, SD: 5.0, CF: 76.2%
  • 2015: 8th Fleece MIC: 31.0, SD: 5.5, CF: 53%
  • 2014: 7th Fleece Previous owner did not provide results
  • 2013: 6th Fleece MIC: 27.0, SD: 5.2, CV: 18.4
  • 2012: Not provided by previous owner



  • $880 (on farm only, includes 8 weeks agistment and confirmation of pregnancy by vet ultrasound).
  • 10% Multiple Mating Discount on 3 or more matings paid for at the same time, for females not purchased through our farm.
  • Ongoing discounts for breeding females purchased through our farm. $800 (1 mating), $750 (2), $650 (3 or more) paid for at the same time. Mobile and Drive-By reductions still apply.
  • Mobile matings available with a further reduction of $100, with the costs of mating and spit-off visits and vet ultrasound the responsibility of the owner of dam.
  • Drive-by matings available with a further reduction of $100. Includes up to 3 visits to farm for matings, spitoffs and ultrasound at the cost of owner. Bring your female to our farm for mating and take her away following same. Can take up to 3 visits to gain a successful mating.

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