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Stud Sire

HARLEY's Show Quality Cria born 10/09
HARLEY's Show Quality Cria born 03/13
HARLEY's Show Quality Crias born 06/13
HARLEY's Show Quality Cria born 08/11

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HUACAYA - Graewen Harley

Rose Grey
Pinjarra Gunsmoke MG Huacaya
Atlantis Nicole RG Huacaya

Harley is the only male progeny in Australia from his medium grey sire Pinjarra Gunsmoke, who was been sold to Europe. He is ownered by Capricorn Park Alpacas and stands at stud at Pfeiffer Park Alpacas all year round providing on farm, drive-by and mobile matings. 

Harley’s pedigree is peppered with mostly greys and blacks, but also includes some fawn and brown.

Harley is a very dense and stylish male with an even and attractive colour, producing mostly grey progeny, who is keen and ready to work at all times.

With Harley’s impressive pedigree including grandsire medium grey Holly Ridge Monty, we have received nice things from his progeny - see picture to right, rose grey female.... spitting image of her sire and from a solid dark brown dam.

His fleece stats are:

  • 2017 12th Fleece: 30.2u, SD 7.4, CF 59.9%
  • 2016 11th Fleece: 30.6u, SD 6.7, CF 53.7%
  • 2015 10th Fleece: 30.0u, SD 6.2, CF 56.6%
  • 2014 9th Fleece: 28.3u, SD 5.7, CF 66.1%
  • 2013 8th Fleece: 27.1u, SD 5.5, CF 76.3%
  • 2012 7th Fleece: 25.5µ, SD 4.8, CF 84.8%
  • 2011 6th Fleece: 29.5µ, SD 5.5, CF 60.0%
  • 2010 5th Fleece: 25.0µ, SD 4.3, CF 89.4%
  • 2009 4th Fleece: 25.6µ, SD 4.4, CF 85.7%
  • 2008 3rd Fleece: 27.1µ, SD 4.3, CF 81.6%
  • 2007 2nd Fleece: 22.7µ, SD 3.7, CF 96.6%
  • 2006 1st Fleece: Not tested.

His show results include:

  • May16: Bundaberg AgroTrend Show, 2nd 60mths+ Huacaya Grey
  • Jul15: Alapcas on Show, 2nd 60mths+ Huacaya Grey
  • Apr15: The Caves Show, 3rd 60mths+ Huacaya Grey
  • Apr14: The Caves Show, 3rd Fleece 60mths+ Grey/Roan
  • Apr13: The Caves Show, 3rd Mature Huacaya Male Grey/Roan
  • Aug10: Brisbane Royal Show, 3rd Grey Huacaya Fleece 30mths+
  • Nov08: Alexandra Show, 3rd Senior Grey Huacaya Male
  • Nov06: Alexandra Show, 3rd Int Grey Huacaya Male


  • $770 (on farm only, includes 8 weeks agistment and confirmation of pregnancy by vet ultrasound).
  • 10% Multiple Mating Discount on 3 or more matings paid for at the same time, for females not purchased through our farm.
  • Ongoing discounts for breeding females purchased through our farm. $700 (1), $600 (2 or more) paid for at the same time.
  • Mobile matings available with a further reduction of $100, with the costs of mating and spit-off visits and vet ultrasound the responsibility of the owner of dam.
  • Drive-by matings available with a further reduction of $100, where discount does not reduce mating fee to less than $550. Includes up to 3 visits to farm for matings, spitoffs and ultrasound at the cost of owner. Bring your female to our farm for mating and take her away following same. Can take up to 3 visits to gain a successful mating.

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