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Kenya showing

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HUACAYA - Pfeiffer Park Kenya

Rose Grey
Pfeiffer Park Enya Dreams RG
Greenwood Em-Sho DG

Kenya is the only progeny from his sire, as we lost him to rare brain infection not long after he started work. His son Kenya is as good if not better than his sire, but was unable to be shown all of 2016 due to an injury where he had his teeth caught in a fence and tore his jaw. All healed now, he can recommence his show career in the halter and fleece rings.

Kenya comes from a very impressive pedigree line which is nearly all black and grey in terms of colour including such sires as: Pfeiffer Park Enya Dreams, Greenvale Bosco, Brookleigh Ridge Callaghan, Pinjarra Beunisimo, Coonawarra Shogun. His pedigree colour range is white, fawn, roan and brown. 

Kenya is one for the premium alpaca grower - a bright, soft, tight and finely crimping fleece, which is very even in colour, style and handle across the body from bonnet to tail and deep into his chest. And fine, which he gets from his extra ordinary sire.

His quality has not escaped the judges attention in earlier years.  

Kenya's show history to date includes:

  • 2nd Intermediate Huacaya Male Grey, Brisbane Royal Show 2015
  • 3rd Junior Huacaya Male Grey, Qld Colourbration Show 2015
  • 2nd Junior Huacaya Male Grey, The Caves Shoe 2015
  • 3rd Junior Huacaya Male Grey, Toowoomba Royal Show 2015


  • 2018: MIC: 24.8, SD: 4.7, CF: 87.4%
  • 2017: MIC: 23.7, SD: 4.8, CF: 91.4%
  • 2016: MIC: 21.7, SD: 3.9, CF: 97.6%
  • 2015: MIC: 20.9, SD: 4.4, CF: 97.2%


  • $990 (on farm only, includes 8 weeks agistment and confirmation of pregnancy by vet ultrasound).
  • 10% Multiple Mating Discount on 3 or more matings paid for at the same time, for females not purchased through our farm.
  • Mobile matings available with a further reduction of $100, with the costs of mating and spit-off visits and vet ultrasound the responsibility of the owner of dam.
  • Drive-by matings available with a further reduction of $100. Includes up to 3 visits to farm for matings, spitoffs and ultrasound at the cost of owner. Bring your female to our farm for mating and take her away following same. Can take up to 3 visits to gain a successful mating.

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